The history of Rørvik Fish started with my parents, Marie and Øivind Pettersen. In a basement in 1927, my mother started producing fish products by hand. My father started his career within the fishing industry by selling redfish to the steward at Hurtigruten. It was important for my parents to make products from the best quality ingredients. The demand for my mother’s fish products increased, and the company was established; my mother making fish products and my father selling fresh fish.

I started helping my parents already before I ended secondary school.  While the other children were playing and swimming in “Aunevatnet”, I was on the pier washing redfish. But that was life – we all had to contribute. In 1958 I began working full time at the company. I was sailing around Vikna, buying wild salmon. After a while, they gave me more responsibility, and I soon acknowledged the “romance” in this industry; it was not an easy, straight forward one, but had its ups and downs. This was, and still is, the most exciting part of this line of business.

I think about the company around the clock, and it means a lot to me. The employees have shown a loyalty to the company in which they have developed a unique expertise through years of experience. Thus we proudly can provide quality products. Our company has changed along with the types of fish that the fishermen have been able to deliver to us. We have used that to find markets here in Norway, the rest of Europe and also in Africa and Asia. The whitefish industry is very important for this territory, as we are lucky to be located in the very heart of one of the most prosperous areas for whitefish and pelagic in Norway.

A good relationship to the fishermen is significant to us. Not only because we are dependent on the raw material that we need to produce, but also because good communication and cooperation is crucial to get the best possible quality. It is fundamental that we work together, and I feel that we have succeeded. Both the fishermen and we recognize the importance of good quality.

My parents built this company on quality, and we have continued to use these core values in the making of traditional and innovative seafood products.

Ragnvald Pettersen

Daglig leder